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Initially, the new arrivals did not view Fresno as the “Sommerland” they had hoped to find.

Early Fresno Entrepreneurs

Some of the new Fresnans retained their culture and style. Some of the new Fresnans quickly transitioned to their new surroundings.

Jacob Bell Amalia Bell.jpg

Jacob & Amalia Bell

Henry Seher Jr.jpg

 Henry Seher Jr. Graduated Fresno High First graduation class

Entrepreneurs quickly found options for their talents and business acumen, which they applied in their homeland.

The Karle Brothers Groceries store, located at 202 G Street, first appeared in 1906 and is listed in the 1916 Fresno City Directory. The owners of the store were brothers Michael (1858-1917) and

August (1871-1950) Karle, listed as clerking in the store, was August Jr.

Johann Michael Karle and his wife Christina E. Andreas Karle (1856-19 were among the first ten Germans from Russia families to arrive in Fresno in 1887. Michael’s brother August arrived in 1891 and traveled to Fresno and married Anna Steitz Karle (1872-1925). The Karle family began their journey from Germany to Russia in about 1764 and helped found the village of Balzer Colony on arrival in 1765. In 1803 they

moved to the colony of Straub.

Seher and Laubhan Store at the South-East corner of “F” and Los Angeles.

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