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Link to the Volga German Institute @ University of North Florida (Below)

The Volga Germans

Update on the closure of the Center for Volga German Studies at Concordia University:

"As part of our closing process, Concordia University-Portland is pleased to announce that the research materials from The Center for Volga German Studies (CVGS) will be transferred to the Family History Library (FHL), located in Salt Lake City, Utah."

A Russian Perspective of the Volga Germans

Alexander Shpak is the author of the idea and creator of the site "Geschichte der Wolgadeutschen". Impressed by the stories of relatives about the once-existing Republic of the Volga Germans, about eviction and labor army, at an early age he became interested in the history of the German Volga region. During the period of study at the Volgograd Agricultural Institute (1980-85), he visited the Regional Scientific Library. M. Gorky, where bit by bit, collected material about the German colonists and the Republic of the Volga Germans. Later, this material formed the basis of a small brochure, "Republic in the Volga Region", published in 1993. Author of several newspaper publications. In 2012, his book "Administrative-territorial Transformations in the Nempovolga Region. 1764-1944" was published.

(Recommend Google Translate Extention for viewing)

Germantown, Fresno Historical Context City of Fresno, Planning and Development Department-April 2006

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