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Ruby Ranch

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The Ruby farming legacy lives on today as Joanne Ruby Campbell and her husband, Joey Campbell, on a new farm, judiciously move to all organic, sustained agricultural practices. During the nearly one-hundred-year history of the land, they still pay homage to their ancestors who began with a long and dangerous journey from Prussia, to Russia, and finally to the San Joaquin Valley.

The  Red Ruby label became famous.

Dad and Ma Ruby on the farm in 1938.

Scott Ruby plowing with a mule, 1934.

Scott Ruby with two mules pulling a “gang” plow.

Dumping grapes from the vineyard trailer onto a flat-bed truck.

Nearly everything grew large on the ranch.  Conrad John is hoisting a ten pound squash.

Transporting and storing raisins in “lug” boxes required a strong back.

Bill Ruby is holding a ten-pound bunch of grapes grown by his neighbor, Anthony Souza.

Changing with new technology, less labor was involved when French plowing in 1948.​

Sulphuring became simplified with the new machine using the tractor's power take-off for its power.

Picking cotton may have provided a source of income, but it was difficult.

Weighing a bag of picked cotton was done in the field at the end of the rows.

Well drilling became a necessity to keep farmers and viable producers.

Thelma Steinhauer Ruby (wife of Conrad Ruby) in front of one of four walnut trees at the Ruby Ranch.

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